In the Spotlight … Together

Interactive Media World:

As a teacher and a student who is studying technology integration, I make it a point to incorporate technology into all lessons. I make sure to use videos, photos, and have students incorporate stories into their presentations to help others understand. We use the smartboard a lot, and we are getting chrome books within the next 2 months, so I plan to make my lessons more digital. Right now, students rotate the computers that I have in my room and we use the laptop cart once a week for ELA (Edmodo, frontrowed, EADMS) and Math (ST MATH) applications/websites.

Technology Collaboration

There are so many technology tools today, from cell phones to tablets, to smart televisions. All of these can be resources used to help promote collaboration on the web; because of this, we are becoming more of a virtual society, moving past text-based communications (Crockett, Jukes & Churches, 2011). For me, Edmodo is a great website to use for students to practice positive communication through words and photos, as well as to respectfully disagree with their peers (Bull, 2013). In order to help students prepare for their future, it important for students to not only how to use technology to present ideas, including models, photos, and videos…But it is also our job to teach them how to collaborate and respectfully disagree with others.

Collaborative Skills:

-Equal responsibility/accountability                            


-Group Norms/Rules/Expectations

-Assigning roles

-Working through problems/disagreements

-Help each other


-Using strengths to benefit team members




Crockett, L., Jukes, I., & Churches, A. (2011). Literacy is not enough: 21st-century fluencies for the digital age. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

 Bull, B. (2013). Toward digital collaboration fluency. Retrieved from


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